The LSX Elite is our strongest LSX shortblock available. It’s designed and built for extreme horsepower applications and for clients who simply want the best of the best.


  • LSX Block pro machined
  • 905/937 Lifter Bores
  • 55mm roller or 60mm Babbit Cam Bearings
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Callies billet crankshaft
  • Oliver billet steel or GRP billet aluminum rods
  • Custom ross pistons designed for power adder & coated
  • TS HD Wrist pins
  • Hi temp ring set nitrous, turbo, and supercharged applications
  • Calico coated main & rod bearings
  • Pro Assembled


RHS Solid deck aluminum
Dart LS Next block
Key way lifters
Machined for JESEL Belt Drive


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