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Bennett Custom Cams provides you the absolute best, latest camshaft technology available. Our camshaft research & development program allows to provide you the best camshaft for your engine by offering state of the art cam lobe designs, precision grinding process, and most importantly our designs are tested in our own engines! Bennett Racing Engines has set records and won championships in almost all forms of drag racing-worldwide. Not limited to race camshafts, we have specialized in street and street/strip camshafts from anything from a 600hp pump gas small block to a Viper V-10 and anywhere in between!

Hydraulic Roller From $595

Solid Roller  From $595

Solid Roller 55mm  $895

55mm or 60mm Tool Steel   From $1500

     We offer camshafts for all engine brands in standard bearing cores, 50mm, 52mm, 55mm, 60mm, 65mm & larger. We do not spend 30 seconds designing your camshaft. We spend a large amount of time finding the optimum camshaft design for your engine. Unlike many who just have customer feedback to validate their cam selection, we take it one step further by using our own dyno & track data to give you the best possible camshaft the first time!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to receive my camshaft ?
A: Depending on time of year and core used we normally ship in 3-7 days
Q: Do you give spec recommendations ?
A: Sorry, we do not. We spend alot of engineering time in designing your camshaft and do not give specs before purchase
Q: Where do I install my camshaft when received ?
A: Your spec sheet will have the desired centerline noted
Q: Who designs my final camshaft design?
A: Jon Bennett does all designs personally
Q: Will Bennett also help me with valvetrain design of my engine ?
A: Yes, we will outline all other valvetrain parts that will be best for your engine. We also offer all needed valvetrain items such as lifters, pushrods, springs, retainers, locks, and rocker arms

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There are many items we review when designing your camshaft, and our camshaft order form defines those. We do not expect you to answer every question, but as much info as possible is needed. The price of your camshaft is determined by core type we use & the complexity of the combination

Hydraulic Rollers

Solid Rollers