Our 430U is our nitrous and naturally aspirated version of our record-breaking 400U engine. This version puts out 880-930 HP & 620-640ft/lb depending on final configuration. At 2650lbs our shop car has been consistent 4.40’s with a plate style nitrous system with ZERO engine failures. Let us take your nitrous car to the front! We build these anywhere from 434 to 461 cid !

Parts List


• Dart Iron Eagle or Optional Shelby Aluminum block • ATI Balancer
• Callies Crank • Danny Bee Belt Drive
• GRP or Callies Billet Steel Rods • Custom oil pan w/kick out
• Custom Bennett Diamond Piston • JESEL 905 Lifters
• Custom heavy wall pushrods • Bennett TFS 265RX TFS Hi Port Heads
• JESEL rocker arms • Victory titanium valves & inconel exhaust
• Bennett Valvecovers • Custom Ported CHI Intake
• MSD crank trigger & distributor • 1 stage External Oil Pump
• Pro assembled  • Vacuum Pump
• Custom 4150 or 4500 style carburetor

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