The 427R is a Race Only 351 based engine that produces 800-875hp at 7600-7800 RPM and 600+ ft/lb at 5800 RPM. This engine comes standard with a 4.125″ bore and a 4.00 stroke(427cid) . Upgraded version to 4.10 stroke with 4.155 bore (445cid), and 4.25 stroke with 4.155 bore(461cid). Compression ratios depend on your application but generally range from 13:1 to 14.5:1. With proper tuning we suggest a boost limit of 20 psi and a 275hp limit on nitrous. If you are wanting more boost or nitrous horsepower please ask about crank and rod upgrade. Also see our 400U and 430U engines. These engines in a 3000lb car typically run high 5 second ET on motor and 5.15-5.30 on a 275hp nitrous shot. Pictured with optional equipment




• Dart 9.50 Deck Block Pro Machined • Felpro MLS or Cometic Head Gaskets
• Scat 4340 4.00 Steel Crankshaft-Internal Balanced • Bennett Spec Solid Roller Lifters
• Scat 4340 6.20/6.25 H Beam Connecting Rods • 1pc HD 3/8 Moly Pushrods
• Custom Bennett Diamond Pistons • Bennett Spec Roller Rockers
• Calico Coated Clevite Bearings • Bennett Polished Valvecovers w/ Oil Fill Cap & Breathers
• Bennett Custom Grind Solid Roller Camshaft • Canton or Moroso Oil Pan Kit
• Billet Timing Chain & Cam Degreed • Melling HD Oil Pump
• Bennett TFS 265 Hi Port CNC Ported Cylinder Heads • ATI Balancer

• 2.125 X 1.600 Valves

• Edelbrock 2828 or CHI Intake
• Break In Oil & Dyno Tested and Tuned
• MSD Distributor & Plug Wires
• EFI Version includes FAST EFI System, Injectors,and Throttle Body

Additional options for this engines package

• EFI • Vacuum pump kit
• Blackout • Motor plate
• Custom polishing or powder coating of parts • Jesel shaft mount rockers
• Billet bracket kits for ps, a/c, and alternator • Individual runner-8 throttle body efi intake
• Nitrous systems

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