When buying a shortblock your decision doesn’t need to be based solely on basic fundamentals such as parts used and basic design.



Available in any cid from 351 to 468 cid and anywhere in between!


There are many design variables that go into a shortblock other than compression ratio selection. When you purchase a shortblock from Bennett Racing Engines we take data gathered from your combination and develop a design plan for your goals. We address many variables such as: • Power adder piston design • Proper valve clearance • Cylinder & Rod Length for proper piston skirt design • Bearing clearances • Piston ring gap & material • Proper rod length for application

Short Block Features

  • Dart Iron Eagle Block
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Callies Magnum Crankshaft
  • GRP Aluminum or Callies Billet Steel Connecting Rods (Add $550 For Steel Rods & Additional Balancing)
  • Custom Bennett Diamond Pistons, Coated Skirt, Gas Ports and HD Pins
  • Custom Piston Ring Set
  • Coated Main & Rod Bearings
  • Pro Assembled & Blue Printed

From $14,445

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