Project Ultimate Street

The Engine

We worked along side with John Kolivas at
KBX Performance to spec out the potientially
record setting engine combination.


  • Bennett Racing CNC Ported TFS High Ports
  • Custom Ross pistons
  • GRP connecting rods
  • Callies crankshaft
  • Comp pushrods
  • Custom Comp camshaft
  • Danny Bee belt drive
  • Canton oil pan.
  • Jesel valvetrain
  • Custom Edelbrock Victor intake
  • Star Machine vacuum pump.


Our neighbors at Pressurized Solutions installed the engine into the recently acquired mustang coupe. They also took care of all the plumbing, wiring, fabrication, and necessary suspension upgrades. Because of the methanol based fuel, an intercooler was not required and made the job easier for the their experienced fabricators.