Bennett Power Dominates Lights Out 6

Once again Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 6 proved to be  the largest small tire race in history. Reports indicated as many as 16,000 spectators showed up to watch the event. To most radial racers to the win a Lights Out or No Mercy event is like winning the super bowl, everyone wants to take home the iconic hat but few succeed. Two members of Team KBX walked away this past weekend with that very hat. Joel Greathouse and Jared Johnston took home the win in their classes. Also several KBX & Bennett Racing customers set new personal bests which proved to be an overall strong outing for Team KBX.

The weather on Wednesday and Thursday was too cold for racing as the prep crew struggled to get the track surface up to par. Because of the low temps and high winds we opted to work on Joel’s new car inside his trailer for most of the day on Wednesday.

As the Siberian front continued to linger over the area, space heaters quickly became a hot commodity. We was able to snag a couple for Joel’s trailer and the KBX track support trailer before the local stores ran out.

The weather marginally improved Friday, but was good enough to make a pass in the Ultimate Street car. Joel would wheel the new KBX mustang to a record shattering 4.84 off the trailer. The pass would spark hundreds of comments on Facebook and and established us as the car to beat for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday Jared Johnston would lead the X275 field in qualifying with a 4.49. Bennett Racing powered Dustin Mewbourn’s coupe to a #3 spot with a 4.51.

Dewayne Barbaree took the #6 spot with a 4.55.

On Sunday. Joel and Jared would work their way through a fast field to ultimately take home the win for Team KBX in Ultimate Street and X275. After winning their final rounds emotions ran high as the tired teams celebrated winning the super bowl of small tire racing.

Jared shared a special moment with his Father at the top end of the race track after the final round.JJ_wins_LO6

After being out of the drivers seat for nearly 3 years, an emotional Joel Greathouse celebrates with Justin from KBX after the final round.

The celebration continued as both KBX drivers received their trophies and the iconic hats.

Joel broke out his new fur coat for a photo shoot in the winner circle.


Congrats to both KBX Drivers on their huge accomplishment. Next stop Memphis!