Bennett Racing CNC Ported Edelbrock GV2 Cylinder Heads are a great choice for a max effort small block Ford. The VG2 is an in line 11 degree valve angle cylinder

head that flows monster numbers and makes great power. We have numerous port designs available to match your exact specifications.



Flow Numbers

Valve Combinations & Port Flow Intake/Exhaust

2.180-1.625 427cfm/292cfm
2.200-1.600 435cfm/288cfm
2.220-1.580 453cfm/284cfm
Valve Angle: 11 degree inline
Chamber Size 47cc as machined – Softening program available. Can also mill into mid 30cc
Intake Port Volumes
Seat Angles 50,52, or 55 depending on the application
Valve Stem Sizes 5/16 or 11/32
Valve Seats Iron intake & copper exhaust standard. Copper intake optional
Pushrods 7/16
Lifters Off set intake & exhaust
Rocker arms T&D or Jesel.
Intake Manifolds Edelbrock 2868
Valvecovers Bennett sheet metal and cast available
Gaskets Intake gaskets in .040-.060-.090-.125 Thickness available

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