Since the introduction of it’s cast predecessor in 1999 this cylinder head has been the leader in Small Ford Cylinder Head Technology and Horsepower. Our customers have won many races, set numerous records, and won many championships using this cylinder head. Airflow ranges from 420 to 475 cfm Intake and 275-300 cfm Exhaust. Combustion chambers are 51cc as machined and 54cc with chamber cone (soften). Can be milled in the high 30’s if desired. Set up to accept up to a 1/2″ pushrod. Rocker systems available from Jesel and T &D. We also offer Billet Valvecovers and Billet Bank Intake Runners to match as well. Cast, Hybrid, and Billet Runner Sheet Metal intakes available.

We offer this head in below versions please contact us to discuss what version fits your engine combination.

10.5 Degree 2.180 415 cfm

9 Degree 2.180  420cfm

9 Degree 2.230  445 cfm

9 Degree 2.250  470 cfm









Flow Numbers

Valve Combinations & Port Flow Intake/Exhaust

2.18-1.625 413cfm/295cfm
2.20-1.625 422cfm/295cfm
2.23-1.600 450cfm/295cfm
2.25-1.600 471cfm/295cfm
Valve Angle: 9 degree
Chamber Size 51cc As Machined – Softening program available.We can also mill into high 30cc.
Intake Port Volumes 286-320cc
Seat Angles 50,52, or 55 depending on the application
Valve Stem Sizes 5/16 or 11/32
Valve Seats Iron intake & Copper exhaust standard, copper intake optional
Pushrods 7/16 or 1/2
Lifters Offset intake & exhaust
Rocker arms T&D or Jesel. We have multiple styles for different applications for the head
Intake Manifolds Bennett Cast, Billet, or sheet metal manifold
Valvecovers Bennett sheet metal and billet available
Gaskets Intake gaskets in .040-,0.060-,0.090-,0.125 Thickness available

First to the 4.30s on 275s
First to the 4.20s on 275s
NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl Win
Multiple X275 Race wins
Lights Out 6 X275 Champion
Current X275 World Record Holder (4.44)

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