Our Most Powerful and Capable X275 Turbo Engine

Over the past several years we have become well know for our turbocharged X275 engines. Our customers have broken barriers, set records, and won races using our X275 turbo engines. Through rigorous engine and chassis dyno testing and hundreds of man hours of research & development  we have developed our most powerful X275 engine yet, the 400X.

This engine currently holds the X275 record in Shane Fisher’s car with a 4.34

• Dart Iron Eagle, Shelby Cast Aluminum, or Dart Billet Block • Jesel or T & D Rockers
• Callies or Bryant Crankshaft • Bennett Racing Cast Canted or SC1 Edelbrock Heads
• GRP Rods • Bennett Billet Valvecovers
• Custom Bennett Spec Piston Kit • Bennett Hybrid Intake
• Danny Bee Belt Drive • MSD Crank Trigger Distributor
• ATI Balancer • Manton or Trend Pushrods
• Motor plate • JESEL Lifters
• Peterson R4 2 Stage Wet or 5-6 Stage Dry Sump • Custom aluminum oil pan

Contact us for a custom quote, these engines have many options that are combination/budget related. Starting at $42,000

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