When buying a shortblock your decision doesn’t need to be based solely on basic fundamentals such as parts used and basic design.

There are many design variables that go into a shortblock other than compression ratio selection. When you purchase a shortblock from Bennett Racing Engines we take data gathered from your combination and develop a design plan for your goals. We address many variables such as: • Power adder piston design • Proper valve clearance • Cylinder & Rod Length for proper piston skirt design • Bearing clearances • Piston ring gap & material • Proper rod length for application

Short Block Features

  • Dart SHP Block (Dart Sportsman Add $600)
  • Scat Forged Steel Crankshaft
  • Scat Forged Steel H Beam connecting rods
  • Custom Diamond/Ross/CP Piston kit for Power Adders w/HD Wrist Pins
  • Custom Piston Ring Set
  • Coated Bearings
  • Pro Assembled and Blueprinted


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